Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Nie's Videos.

Here are a collection of interviews and family movies
that were made, created and shot.
Before I had them all available on my blog side bar,
now they will be in my archives, as well as on this page.

They are fun to watch, emotional (to me anyway) and sweet.
Here they are,  Enjoy!

Most popular video produced by: Mormon Channel 2010
(Behind the scenes photos HERE)

* * * * *

Oprah 2009 (My blog post HERE)

(Official Oprah report HERE, see Video HERE)

2011- Glenn Beck on Fox News (Blog post HERE)

2012 Glenn Beck (Blog post HERE)
Other interviews HERE

 2012 -Anderson Cooper (Blog Post HERE)

2008 Today Show interviews my family while I am in a coma.
(thanks Christopher Valentine)

2009- Today Show (Blog Post HERE

2012- Today Show (Video HERE, Blog post HERE)

2011- 20/20 with Elizabeth Vargas (Video HERE, My Blog post HERE)

 2014- Person to Person with Utah's Shauna Lake (My Blog Post HERE) )

 * * * * *
Videos made by: Blue Lily:
2010 -Family pillow fight in the canyon (blog post HERE)
2011- Family sailing on Utah Lake (blog post HERE)
2012- Family Christmas Video (blog post HERE)
2013-Family summer Video in the River (blog post HERE)

* * * * * * *
Videos by: Jed Wells
2011- Mr. Nielson introduces his company Beacon Beneficial:
Video by: Hyperion Books
2012- Movie to promote my memoir Heaven is Here 
2011- Video created by Cooler with A.C. Productions 
Nie Skis!
(a.k.a) my brother Andrew Clark)
2012-Video introducing the Sundance Resort ski lift, created by Wes Johnson
Blog post HERE
2012-Video hosted by Parade magazine, produced by Mango films
Introduction to my memoir Heaven is Here.
Blog Post HERE

* * * * * * *

2013-The Amazing talk given by my most favorite Jeffery R. Holland.
My family was mentioned in this epic address given to the world.
 Watch/Read HERE

"Learning from Tragedy"

Mormon Channel Interview; Conversations with Ruth Todd
Listen HERE

for now anyway.
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