Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Building a Fire

During the BYU football game last Saturday I felt cold.
The weather outside was typical wonderful October weather: rainy and cold! 
So I asked Mr. Nielson if he'd use the delicious smelling 
cedar and pinion wood that he had just cut himself at the ranch
to build me a fire to warm me up.

Of course, he jumped at the opportunity because he loves to make me happy, 
and also because it's fun to build a fire.

 I sat on the couch and took pictures of him doing it.

Then Charlotte woke up from her afternoon nap, and
soon enough the boys wandered in.
They plopped in front of the fireplace and Nicholas played with his dragons, 
and Oliver played Legos.
Shortly after that, the girls (plus cousin Lydia)
 came in to play with their paperdolls.

This is exactly why fireplaces are so magical.
It brings people together.
Now you know why I LOVE cold weather!
(And October).

Here is me watching the game and staring at the cold fireplace


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