Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love letter to Mr. Nielson

Dear Mr. Nielson,

Hi, my love. You are away.
Scout camp.
Far away, and we can't talk on the phone.
So, like the pioneers (and our parents, haha), I will write love letters.
I am listening to Fictionist right now,
I watched them on The Song That Changed My Life episode last night.
It was such a good episode. You know, Jed filmed it. It was so amazing.
Guess what? They played one of our favorite songs-
Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me".
I wanted to cry because it was so good and made me miss you.
That song, even though sad, reminds me of you.
I LOVE emotional music. Music that makes me feel sad, happy, romantic,
or anything, really, but you already know that about me.
Remember when they came to the family Gala? That was so incredible.

Yesterday I took Lydia home from playing at our house and asked Claire to
keep an eye on Lottie. She was peacefully sleeping on my bed for her afternoon
nap. I knew it would be okay if I left for a few minutes.
I got a phone call about 5 minutes after I left.
The children were watching a movie on TV, and the
emergency dude came on, declaring a severe flash flood.
The children got so nervous that they had never heard of or seen
one of these warnings. So Claire gathered everyone and snatched sleeping Lottie
(who was awake now and crying at this point.)
and ran to the neighbor's house.
She told me she feared a big wave would come over the mountains.
I was frustrated and proud of her at the same time.
She is getting to be so grown up and responsible.
And, one day she'll know how crucial an afternoon nap can be to both the mommy
and baby!!

I love summer storms. They make me so happy and feel so cozy.
I missed you tonight lying with me in bed, enjoying the storm out the window.
Don't you love when the windows are open, and the wind blows the chimes so
hard it makes them crash against the apple tree?
Don't you love looking under the street light at the rain with me?

{remember when we got rained on at the Sundance Bluebird Cafe?}

I miss you, sweetie.
I love you lots forever and always.

-Your Wifey

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