Monday, May 31, 2010

The Girls Are Back In Town

My girls had a little adventure this weekend...their first experience flying (commercially) as unattended minors.

(gowned up girls)

I figured there would be a little apprehension about flying without a parent, so I called the week before to calm any fears. But as I began explaining each step of what would happen, I detected more and more giggles of excitement on the other end of the line.

The flight went off without a hitch. They got VIP treatment from the Southwest Crew. Claire later confessed all the things she and Jane imagined while they were parents around; first, they were orphans, then they were adults, then they were two spoiled children getting shipped off to boarding school in England, etc.

(a visit after church on Sunday)

I love these girls. 
 I'm glad to have all my chicks gathered 'round.

Stephanie had a tough weekend. She's been sad and in lots of pain and discomfort. The healing process has been lagging a little. 
 Any positive vibes (prayers) 
you could send her way would be appreciated.

Love, Mr. Nielson

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