Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I spy...

Well, friends, my dear wifey is back in the AZ Burn Center.
 She spent the long holiday weekend having two unexpected/necessary surgeries. 
 This was our 2nd Valentines day in a row spent in the ICU. 
 We reminisced of past lovers holidays and expressed words of love...words like these.
 Because of some infection setbacks the doctors needed to remove hunchie for a while. 
 It's a super sad setback, but she is staying positive and optimistic. 
This is a typical scene from room #9 at the AZ Burn Center. 
Can you spy:
 a stethoscope, an Igloo cooler, my sweetheart, 
left-over Rubio's Fish Tacos, moisturizer, and the 2010 Winter Olympics?
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