Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Double-O Nielson.

I am in Arizona. Oh, and yes, I am having fun.
 But the first thing we did when we got here was to visit home...
you know, home to the Lazona Estate.
 I just had to get it out of the way and ask Mr. Nielson to take me there. 
 He asked me a bazillion times if I was sure (he is so thoughtful).
 And I was sure. 
 As soon as we hit Main street, my heart pounded faster 
and faster, and my hands began sweating.
Then we turned into Lazona street, 
where a wave of emotions caught me off, guard,
and my eyes were stinging with tears.
  We pulled up to the Lazona Estate and stopped the car.
My pots are still there. 
My welcome mat is still there. 
My polka-dot curtains are still there. 
And for a moment, I was still there- in the kitchen window making dinner. 
I took a deep breath.
We drove on.  I couldn't take it anymore.
As we drove off,  Mr. Nielson and I turned our heads 
to see if we could see the Mulberry Bungalow nestled in the tree. 
Then Mr. Nielson became emotional. 
All his hard work and manly powers in creating that beautiful space 
only to lose it just months after. 
 I told Mr. Nielson it felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach really hard. 
 Then I said I would not think about that moment for the rest of the trip. 
But that was going to be impossible, and we both knew it.
How do you forget such a beautiful memory?  Such an innocent time of life?
But we needed to head back to get dolled up for the Copa Ball, 
the fundraising gala for the Maricopa Health Foundation. 
The foundation has supported Mr. Nielson and me through thick and thin. 
Not only did we attend the evening, but we spoke. 
 It was a tribute to all those who helped us recover and an honor to speak.
 I publicly thanked the dear sweet doctors, amazing nurses, and therapists.
  Then there was dancing.
Before the event, while getting ready for the night,
 Mr. Nielson refused to have a clip-on bow tie for his tux.
 He wanted the real thing. So in purchasing his own tux (James bond style)
 he made sure he could tie the bow, too. So the night before, he found a 
  10-step YouTube bowtie video, which helped out. 
Now he is a genuine tux-wearer.
It's hot here. Sooo hot. 
I forgot.

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