Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Mulberry Bungalow

It was decided long before we moved into the Lazona Estate
 that we wanted to build our children a treehouse.
When I say "we," I really just mean Mr. Nielson.
Mr. Nielson and I had dreamed up a place in our backyard Mulberry tree,
a place where our children could call their own.  
Kind of like an "off the mom-grid" place for them.

Remember at Christmas, I made and sold personalized silhouettes?
 I wanted to earn extra cash to surprise them and buy Mr. Nielson the tools
he has always wanted to make this treehouse building possible.
Well, I did it, earned enough, and GOT THE TOOLS FOR HIM!
A few days after Christmas, he started the treehouse project,
and each day after work, he comes home, eats a snack,
and gets to work adding more magic to the two-story bungalow.
The kids are SO EXCITED!

The blueprint of this childhood dream is crammed into Mr. Nielson's head,
and I named the treehouse The Mulberry Bungalow!
It will be a few weeks yet before it's completed.
Right now, tools, wood, and cords are strewn all over the backyard.
The children can't wait, and I admit, neither can I!
 I can see it now! Our little family all snug sleeping soundly
under the summer's hot night sky.

Thank you, Mr. Nielson, for being the best, most creative,
and fun dad in the whole world!
(And thank you for your vast knowledge of knots and math.
Without those, I recognize this project would flop).

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