Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The visitors

It was so wonderful to have my parents come to
the hottest place on earth= ARIZONA!
My dad was so cute to turn into "Lemon Drop" the horse and let
 Claire and Jane ride on his back
while Oliver pounded his toy guy on the top of his 
(probably sunburned) head.
But doesn't Umi look so rested on the couch
with Nicholas on her lap?
After Umi and Gramps left for home in Utah, it was nap time.
Everyone (except me and Nicholas) fell asleep.
Later I started dinner and Mr. Nielson came home from work.
He took (a now very crabby) Nicholas from me and together
they fell asleep outside on our porch swing.
Judging from this photo, it looks like it was pretty toasty outside:

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