Thursday, February 01, 2018


I love my girls, and here's why:
They are capable, strong, brave, feminine, kind, 
selfless, unique, and they are mine.
They are my best friends, and my confidants.
They bring light and harmony in my life.
They are steady and dependable.
When I got pregnant with Jane, Claire was just 4 months old.
I was so so so excited, but felt slightly little overwhelmed.
I knew things would be a little hectic, and they were, but 
those years when they were young were some of the best years of my life.
Claire was bossy and Jane could really scratch.
 I have the best stories about these girls and we laugh
and laugh when we talk about them:
They share clothes, a bedroom, books, they coordinate Halloween costumes,
and watch movies together in Claire's bed with her laptop.
They ride bikes together, Pinterest together, and 
giggle like no two other girls I know of.
 And Charlotte is the cherry on top.  
She just adores her big sisters.

I thank God everyday for these girls.

Oh, then there was that time that Claire cut
 Jane's bangs, that was awesome!

* ** * * ** * * **
Teachings from RMN

"Worship strengthens our power line to deity. 
There can be no true worship without sacrifice,
 and there can be no true sacrifice without a cause. 
The cause that earns our love and priority is the cause of Jesus Christ."

H A P P Y     F E B R U A R Y!