Monday, December 18, 2017

Celebrating 17 years.

 Mr. Nielson and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and 
 what a wonderful weekend we had!
We spent it in the Q and stayed at the new Hotel Chaco.
The hotel Chaco sits in historic Old Town Albuquerque 
and it's layout is designed after the amazing 
architecture of the ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon here in New Mexico. 
 I was told that some of the original building materials that were used to
 build Chaco Canyon, including lumber, came from the same 
region to build Hotel Chaco.
The hotel was really charming and elegant.  Our room was so comfortable
 (with hard wood floors!), and aesthetically beautiful.
I give it a solid two thumbs up.
Plus we were inspired with ideas for our future home!
During our anniversary getaway, Mr. Nielson and I talked 
about our favorite memories in our 17 years of marriage.
We talked about our funniest memories together and we reminisced about a
  few of our hardest memories too.  
But mostly we gaggled and smooched on each other like we have been 
doing since we fell in love.
 We were even stopped as we walked down the 
street on our way to dinner, and told that we were such a beautiful couple.
Well, shooooooot!  
On Saturday late night we drove back to the ranch and as 
our car drove over the hill, and we spotted the house with
the glowing Christmas trees in the windows.
Inside the cozy house I knew our five beautiful children were waiting for 
us to come home.  Our family was created out of love, devotion and loyalty for
each other and for God's plan, and that is how it will be forever and ever.

* * * * * * * *
In 25 ways, Over 25 days.
Once again, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by serving
others this Christmas season.  As we follow His example,
we can help Light the World!
Day 18:
"Forgive me their trespasses."
-Matthew 6:14