Friday, November 10, 2017

Round up.

Late afternoon Mr. Nielson asked me to 
help him round up several cows who escaped to 
another pasture and got separated from the main herd.
He saddled up the two horses and off we went.
We galloped on the range as the sun slowly set behind the mesa
and Angus trailed behind us in the dust.
The shadows were long and the weather brisk.  
Sometimes I have to pinch myself as I experience life on the ranch.
Sometimes it's too good to be true, 
and sometimes is really challenging (like yesterday).
We found the lonely cows and 
rounded them up and walked them back
 to the homestead where we put them in the feed lot.  
Tomorrow we plan on preg-checking the mothers and
will castrate the bull calf's.
  I think it's going to be a memorable weekend for us here on the ranch.
What are you doing?

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