Friday, November 17, 2017

Good books

I love reading books to my children.
I especially love holiday books and have more than several for each occasion.
If I had the time (and I wish I did), I would read thousands of
 pages to them and probably all in one sitting too.
And I absolutely love reading pictures books.
Usually at the end of the day and after showers, we get in my bed covers and
 and read story books until it's time for dreamland.
One of my very favorite elements of The Good & the Beautiful
 home school curriculum (which is what I am using for Charlotte and Nicholas), 
is a wonderful book list that accompanies the lessons.  
During school we have discussed many times the importance
 and the power that good books can bring into lives.  
Books that are wholesome, clean, uplifting, and give good messages. 

The Good & the Beautiful has produced a list of wonderful books for every age.  
I always tell my kids that good books are for the soul what
 water is for the body: soothing, refreshing, healthy, and healing.
Now until November 25th, you can download the book list free!
I hope you enjoy it with your family  HERE.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
(Angus is a fan of the good word.)

Here is a list of my favorite Thanksgiving picture books:

Happy weekend! 
Speaking of books and children, Spiritual Enlightenment: