Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Black Friday Favorites!

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite things
 as you to consider Christmas shopping om Black Friday.
 I for one love having my Christmas shopping done asap so 
I can enjoy the month of December and the Christmas holiday 
(as it was meant to be).

For your Mom & Dad/Grandparents:
I Chart You: Ready to print colorfully designed genealogy charts. 
Easy to make and beautiful to display!  
I had one made for Christian and me, each of my children, 
my sisters, parents, in-laws, and the young women I work with in church! 
 I love these forever and always!
Use code ALL30 for 30% all week (20-27)

For your Home:
For clean, calm, fresh, beautiful and uplifting home decor,
  art and pillows, check out Latter Day Home! 
 A few years ago I collaborated with Latter-Day Home to bring you the
 "Beautiful Heart pillow" and I am happy to announce that 
I am working with LDH on another project.  Stay tuned!!  
I just ordered this sturdy doormat for the ranch house. 
There is so much more to explore on the website.
 I hope you'll go check it out and enjoy the Black Friday deals!  

For your Husband/You/Family:
Now is the time for you to own a Madsen Cycle (bucket bike). 
These bikes have been a joy in our family for years now, 
and some of our best family memories includes our time with the Madsen.  
At midnight on 11/24 through midnight on 11/25 you can get
 $300 off your bike or $500 off a fully-loaded bike.  
Also get 20% off all accessories. 
 I can't think of a better gift to wake up to on Christmas morning!

For You/Sister/Mom/in-law/Best Friend:

Allow me to introduce you to Vonjet Silhouettes.  
I have posted about the beautiful wooden silhouettes that were happily
 displayed in my laundry room in Fox Hill, and this year was so pleased 
when Vonjet said they were going to be making 
charm silhouettes for bracelets of necklaces!  
I LOVE my beautiful gold charmed family (Angus too!) around my neck!

For your Daughter/Granddaughter:

One of my favorite places to buy clothes for us Nie girls 
is a wonderful little store called Roolee Boutique.
We can find unique, comfy, and modest clothes with a
good selection, fast shipping, lovely service, and good prices. 

For Christmas Cards:
I always choose Pinhole Press.
This year the cards feature simple design with beautiful foil design.
Pinhole Press has been featured on Good Morning, 
America, Real Simple, The New York Times, and The Nie Nie Dialogues...;)

For You: 
Sometimes I order a myself a gift. 
This year, I got myself this hoodie from Cotopaxi. 
Super soft and great for exercising or a walk after school out on the range.

And that's a wrap...literally. 
Happy shopping!