Thursday, October 26, 2017

Why I stay.

Yesterday I met and talked with Morgan Jones who a faith 
and family editor for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City.
Morgan is working on a really wonderful project and I was honored she asked me
to be a part of it.  We discussed topics about my faith and why I still stay
I will discuss this more when the project is released.
Morgan and I have chatted several times.  Most notably
after the premiere of "Meet the Mormons" film:
After the interview, I took my girls a few hours north of Salt Lake City
where we met my lovely friends at Roolee Boutique.  
What a darling store and super friendly employees who
 sure know how to make a girl feel special!!
  Roolee is my favorite place to find unique clothes that 
are reasonably priced, and modest. 
 It was fun shopping with my girls and especially fun finding something
for Claire's big first date.
(She's going to kill me for typing that!).
To finish off our day, we met up with one of my favorite nieces Drew, 
(but we call her "Chick" or "Chicky") who is attending Utah State University.  
We went to dinner and discussed her classes, boys, and her roommates.  
Chicky is such a beautiful well-rounded girl and I was so 
happy for my girls to be in her presence.
(Me and Chick in 2001, I was pregnant with Claire)

We got home late to a very sad Charlotte who 
missed me and a very hyper doggie.
Thanks to Umi for holding down the fort while we were away!