Monday, October 02, 2017

The weekend.

This weekend was a busy one for my family.
On Thursday, Mr. Nielson and I flew to Utah where I spoke at a corporate convention. 
Just the two of us.  It was really nice, quick but very nice.
 It was so fun to see Utah, feel fall in the air, and just be together alone.
 We ordered room service and watched movies pretty much the whole trip.
Friday after I spoke, we got on a plane and headed back to the ranch.
We were at Costco in the Q before heading back when Jane called me in tears.
"I think something is wrong with Angus's foot Mom.
 He fell out of the car when we were picking up the mail."
I have to admit, I kind of freaked out.
Christian and I quickly finished up and zipped home.
At midnight I found myself in town at the veterinarian's office
holding down Angus while he got x-rays. 
Broken. Surgery on Monday (today).
Poor Angus wobbled around all weekend, and we treated him like a king.  
We carried him around everywhere, hand-fed him, and gave him extra food. 
Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to General Conference.  
How amazing it was!
  I am so excited to re-read and re-watch the conference. 

and we ate together in the ranch kitchen.
In between the Sunday conference we took a little walk on the ranch.
Along the trail under the blue sky we talked about our favorite talks and
conference messages.  

 It was different this year, everything was different.  
It was fine, we just need to establish some good traditions for next April's
conference.  Hopefully we will have it figured out.

Right now all I can think about is how I can take what I heard in conference 
and apply it every single aspect of my life. 
And also, Angus. I think a lot about him too.