Friday, September 15, 2017

Stirring the pots.

Yesterday I walked into the ranch kitchen to find Jane busy baking.
The stove top was fragrant with something bubbling,
and she was grinding up graham crackers with a roller.

"Whatcha making honey?" I asked.
"A pie" she replied.  "Do we have any fresh cream?"  
"I think....check the other fridge" I said, as I let Angus out the back door.
Then I watched her continue to take control of the area; she stirred the 
pot with one hand then started cutting up semisweet chocolate with the other.  
Moments later she began forming a pie crust and then the microwave
 beeped and without skipping a beat (and while humming a song),
she walked over to the microwave to take out her melted butter.
The way she moved you'd have thought she was in a cooking ballet.  
She danced across the kitchen so graceful and confident.
Jane has very unique homemaking talents.  
Talents I really had nothing to do with, and Jane is beautiful. 
 I mean, one look at that wild orange hair, 
and maybe you would think she was wild, stubborn, and fearless; 
and she really isn't any of those.
She can be stubborn like her father, but she is mostly quiet, 
a little timid, very calm, smart, wise, practical, and delightfully content.
She is a dreamer and is as sophisticated as the queen herself.  
Jane has a beautiful future ahead, and I am honored to watch it all unfold,
(while eating the treats she makes).

Happy Weekend!!!!
Mr. Nielson and I will be spending our weekend alone in Albuquerque
as I will be speaking at the WOF convention (tickets are still available!).

Spiritual Enlightenment: "The Beauty of Holiness"