Thursday, September 14, 2017

So lovely

Today after school I watched as Claire (in her long black boots), 
walked behind the ranch house and up the 
hill with her scriptures and journal in hand.  
Claire reminds me so much of me at fifteen (almost sixteen).
We are both dreamers, and find solace in being alone. 
We love nature, colors, smells, beautiful music, traditions and holidays.
But Claire is quite, soft, and calm, and in that moment
I couldn't help but feel so much pride for her.  
Proud that she is my daughter, and proud that she's developing her own
 desires and ambitions that make her so lovely and pure.
She is growing up to be a wonderful woman, strong, steadfast, and dedicated.

About an hour later, I saw her walk down from the hill and towards 
the barn where she began brushing then saddling the horse.
She climbed up, settled in, then rode off on the range, 
her wild long brown wavy hair blowing in the wind.
Later as I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, I heard a voice yell for Lottie. 
Lottie, who was playing dolls at the table stopped then looked out the window.  
Sequels of delight erupted then she ran outside to see Claire on the horse.
She clapped her hands and I lifted her up for a quick ride.
Together they trotted around the house, down by the barn, and to the gate.

Sure I miss some things about my old life, 
(eating out, my house, my family and friends),
but today I was reminded of why I am here.
These beautiful memories my children are creating together are priceless.