Friday, September 29, 2017

Different isn't bad.

I am in Utah today!
It's so nice to see the familiar mountains and feel fall in the air.
This is a quick trip for me and Christian and we fly back to the Q this evening.
We've got to be back in time for the much anticipated 
 session of General Conference on Saturday/Sunday.
This is hands-down, one of our favorite weekends in the year!
We are prepared and ready to hear from the Church leaders.
Before I left the ranch, I went shopping so I would be prepared with 
 all the ingredients for our traditional conference breakfasts;
I'm all set.  Also, Jane wants to make pumpkin donuts and cider
for the girls to enjoy while the boys go to the Priesthood session.
(scenes from last year)
After our plane lands and before we head back to the ranch, 
we are going to zoom to Costco to finally pick up a TV!  
We've been without one since we moved to the ranch.

The Little Nies are thrilled about this new purchase.
I don't really care except I have to say, I am excited to watch Halloween movies
 with my kids at night. It gets so dark here on the ranch
and gathering around the TV together at night sounds really fun (and spooky).
(Also my girls are dying to watch The Lord of The Rings for the 10000th time).

(scenes from last year)
On Monday we are going to be celebrating our favorite month: OCTOBER!
We eat dinner/donuts on the floor-picnic style
and watch The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
The Little Nies are a little down about it because we aren't in
our own home and surrounded by familiar things. 
I keep telling them that just because we aren't home 
doesn't mean we can't still enjoy our same traditions.
It will be different, but different isn't always bad.
I look at these photos and feel a little ache in my chest.
But I also feel peaceful and I know that that feeling is God letting me know
that we made the right choice in moving.
And it's OK to be sad and it's OK to cry a little, but
I am certain He has a plan for us and it will totally knock our socks off!

Happy Weekend to YOU!
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