Thursday, August 10, 2017


From sunup to sundown we spent unpacking boxes.
We unpacked almost the whole kitchen and bathrooms.
I am so grateful for helpful daughters, 
who like me won't stop until a job is finished.
And working together is actually really fun.  
Being here is a little surreal.  I don't think it has quite hit me yet.
Often my thoughts go to Provo and to Fox Hill. 
 I see my kitchen, my bathroom, bed, floors and swings.  
But I trust that our purpose here will be shown to us, 
plus watching Mr. Nielson tonight set up three huge 
storage shelves for our family was actually kinda sexy.
Also, he made dinner with about five different vegetables
 from Boss Russ's garden.  Amazing and delicious.

I get asked on several occasions about our 
living conditions here at the ranch, so here is the scoop:
Mr. Nielson's third great-grandparents immigrated from Denmark
including their eight year old son who homesteaded the ranch in New Mexico.
It's been in the family every since.
We are currently living at ranch headquarters
1970's version of a New Mexico Territorial Style ranch house-
that is until we build our new home.  I can't wait!