Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dirt & hard work

Today was an exciting day at Fox Hill.
Besides Nicholas getting a tooth pulled, 
we had several truckloads of
soil and wood chips delivered in preparation for sod tomorrow. 
This is really dirty work:
After I ran the usual beginning of the week errands,
The kids and I got on our work clothes and in the hot sun with Christian
we helped load wood chips into garden beds, shoveled dirt, and
leveled the yard in prep for sod.
Then I followed Christian around the yard
with a box of sprinkler heads and acted like his nurse
handing him tools and supplies as he put the sprinkler heads on pipes
 and finished last minute work before dark.
There was a moment when I sat next to him with a flashlight in my mouth,
and tools in the the others.
We talked about Fox Hill, about the ranch, about our children,
and of course our future and how everything we do is to 
honor and love God.  We hope we are doing that.
We ate watermelon, avocados, cheese and crackers for dinner
and when it was all over for the day, we had what felt like buckets of dirt on every inch of us.
My kitchen floor is a disaster and very uncharacteristically of me,
I turned off the kitchen lights without cleaning up.
We were all so exhausted we just showered, said prayers,
and went to bed.
Fox Hill will look gorgeous once the grass is in!  
And as usual, I would like to express my love to my husband.  
He is the hardest working most capable man that I know.
(And right now, probably the most dirty).