Monday, June 05, 2017

Camp 2017

Welp, I am off to girls camp.
And off to a whole week with Clane!  Yay!
I will be away in the Utah mountains spending some good times with the girls
 that I love and work with in the Church.

Mr. Nielson will be home with Ollie, Gigs, and Lottie.
I will miss them all, especially Mr. Nielson, 
who JUST got home from a week at the ranch.
Life is busy, but I am so thankful I am healthy, young, and able to do the work.

I am a little anxious since Lucy is due with her 4th baby any day.  
(Can't you just hold it in till I get back Lucy??!!).
I am going to be be re-posting awesome blog posts throughout the years
to cover the week while I am away.
I hope you enjoy!