Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ranch in March

Today I got up and explored the rugged hills on the property all alone.
I sure love it here.  It's so quiet and and peaceful.
When I returned to homestead, I helped Mr. Nielson herd 
the heifers into a pasture where we could put tags in their ears 
(and their babies ears too!).  It's a pretty painless procedure, I assure you.
These new mamas and their babies have been in the feed lot eating Mr. Nielson's
delicious mix of molasses, corn, grain, oats, and hay.  
This feed has been really good for the expectant and nursing cows.  
After the cows deliver, they only get to stay in the feed lot for a week.
Today about six cows and babies were taken to pasture.
To see the new babies run around in wide open spaces was about 
the cutest thing I ever did see.
We were all so hoping we'd see a calf born today, no such luck.
The mamas are definitely in 
labor breathing hard and acting uncomfortable.  Ohhh, I know how they feel! 
Mr. Nielson will be "on call" again tonight checking on the mamas every two hours.
Little Nies joined Mr. Nielson and me after we were done herding the cows
 and we all must have sat on the cement feed bunks
 watching the cows for what seemed like an hours.
  Jane had a brilliant idea to lay down in the empty feed bunks
where in which we all took a nice relaxing nap.

It was actually quite comfortable and before we knew it, 
we had all fallen asleep for a good 30 minutes.  
Life here at the ranch slows way down and the sun seems bigger and more exhausting.
I honestly don't know where Mr. Nielson gets his energy.
He is wrangling cows, fixing fences, saddling the horses for the Little Nies (whenever they ask),
checking water pumps, opening and closing gates, 
and doing it all with a smile on his face.
He truly is happy here doing what he loves.
And I think he pretty excited I am here with him assisting him,
Before dinner, Mr. Nielson and I drove around 
some of the property to check water tanks,
the fences and look for a missing heifer (which we haven't found yet).
We drove home on the county road near the highway where
I snapped a pic of us near the Bluewater Village exit.