Friday, March 03, 2017

Help meet

This morning after I sent my children off to school, 
I felt prompted to browse the folder where I keep all the gushy love letters
that Mr. Nielson has written me over our sixteen plus years together.
These letters are some of my life's treasures.
Like this gem dated December 16, 2012 (our 12th year anniversary):

My dearest Stephanie,
Twelve years! It has been absolutely wonderful, spending our life together....
the good times and the hard times.  
You are what makes my life so fulfilling and happy. 
 I love that you are rooted in the gospel, I love that you teach kindness, 
thoughtfulness, and joy, and you do it with your example.  
I love how you make life beautiful for our children and nurture them,
teach them, and sacrifice for them (and me). 
Your natural qualities of care and motherhood are evident in all you do.
I am reminded every day how blessed I am to have you in my life.  
Love, Christian

Speaking of motherhood, I have been studying about Mother Eve
 and am convienced that Eve has been misunderstood by most of the world.
She has been portrayed as weak and subservient to her husband, Adam.
I disagree wholeheartedly.
In the scriptures we read that Eve was a "help meet" for Adam.
Help meet means "one who has strength
 to do what the other cannot to for himself."
The scriptures clearly states that Adam and Eve were
 truly partners in all things,
as they worked side-by-side and lived together in a loyal union
raising children unto the Lord.
I am honored to be my husbands help meet, and likewise feel
honored that he is my help meet.
This principle truly works beautifully when men and women
work together in one purpose.
Happy Weekend!
Welcome home Mr. Nielson!!

Spiritual Enlightenment: Being a Woman: An Eternal Perspective