Thursday, December 01, 2016

Snow Day

It's been snowing in Utah!!
The ski resorts are gearing up for the season (and some are already open).
Earlier this week Mr. Nielson and I woke up for our daily hike/run-
he runs the trails while I hike the Y.
When we got to the trail it started to snow and by the time we
 had finished our 45 minutes exercise, 
there was so much snow on the road that on
our way home the car slipped and glided to a stop where 
in a panic I threw myself out of the car.  I hate that feeling.

We both agreed that we should park the car, walk home, 
and wait for the snowplow to clear the road.
When we finally walked in the door at home we were wet and 
cold and the snow was still piling up outside.
Out the window, The Little Nies were in full 
snow gear making a snowman in our backyard.
After they made frosty at Fox Hill they walked down to
grandma and grandpas house and made a bigger and better snowman.
Here's to more snow days!
* * * * * *
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December 1- Jesus Lifted Others Burdens' And so Can You.