Thursday, December 22, 2016

I can do anything.

 Each weekday morning, Mr. Nielson and I wake up and hike together.
Well, actually I hike one trial and Mr. Nielson runs another trail, 
but we've timed it right so we meet up together about the same time.  
But one or twice a week,
 I can get Mr. Nielson to hike with me on my trail.
This week since Christmas break,
we sleep in an extra hour and then slip out the back 
door while the Little Nies are still asleep on the mattresses 
under the Christmas tree in the living room.
The trail is nice, a little icy, but nice.  
I usually like hiking alone, 
but hiking with Mr. Nielson is much better than alone.
Everything is better with Mr. Nielson.
He is the one I want to spend all my time with, 
he is the one I want to talk to when I need to talk about something, 
he is the one I tell when I am mad or frustrated or happy or sad.
He is everything to me.
Together we are creating memories for our children,
and have the same desires for them.
We want to see them become good parents and provide and support for their families. 
We want to see them happy, successful, content, but more than anything 
we want to teach them to put Christ first in their lives.
We can confidently tell them that doing that will truly and absolutely 
bring peace and happiness that they will not find anywhere else.

Life is hard sometimes but I know that
 when my marriage is strong, I can do anything.