Friday, December 23, 2016


Yesterday I caught Lottie in my closet where I keep the Christmas presents.
She was going through all of her gifts.
I felt like crying.
I was a little mad and told her so.
She knows my closet (and room) is off limits at this time of year.
She pointed to the sign I have taped on my door which says:
"Santa's Workshop DO NOT ENTER".
And then said to me: "Mom, I can't read that sign, so I didn't know."

The girls and I finished up last minute decorations for our traditional 
Scandinavian Christmas dinner on Sunday.
All the shopping is done and we are supposed to have a nice snowstorm moving
in today lasting until Monday.  BRING IT ON.
These next few days will be spent with my little family enjoying
our traditions, our love, Christmas music, peace,
movies around the fireplace, 
and the light we feel only at the time of year.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Gifts of Peace