Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas 2016 at the Nielson home was a beautiful success!
On Christmas Eve morning, my brother Jesse invited my 
siblings to his house for breakfast.
He made waffles and eggs and we speculated on the upcoming winter storm--
 (that we all hoped we'd see that night!).
After we delivered a few Christmas gifts to neighbors and came 
home and made marshmallows. 
The girls were begging me to try them again this year.
It was actually really easy and pretty delicious!
The rain started outside and we drove to Sweet Tooth Fairy where
 Owner Megan donated about 10 boxes of her delicious treats so 
we could take them around to five fire stations in Provo. 
There we thanked the men for their service
 and dedication to us and the people in out community.
I wanted them to have treats at the fire house so when their families
 came to visit them for Christmas, they would have something to offer.
I think this will be a new tradition for us.  
It was so beautiful and I cried every time we handed the treats over.
 I was once was on the receiving end of their service and will forever be grateful.
We met up with some more of my siblings families for dinner 
and then Mr. Nielson and I took the kids to see a movie.  
This is another Nielson tradition.  
This time we brought our fleece Cinemark blankets and 
snuggled up together on row 6.

We drove home in the pouring rain praying that it would turn to snow!
The Little Nies opened up their Christmas PJ's and we read Luke 2.
Mr. Nielson and I shared our love for the Savior and the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
said prayers and sent them to bed.
Then we wrapped presents, 
and told the Little Nies to go to bed probably about 40 times.  
Around 12:30 we noticed the rain had turned into snow--gorgeous snow!
And, it didn't stop until Christmas night.
Talk about a Christmas miracle!!