Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Cheer/gift ideas

The weekend was packed full with wonderful holiday goodness!
I am going to post all about it tomorrow! 
Last night we had the Nielson cousin's over for
our last cousin get together of the year!
Can't wait to start the tradition up again in January!
We had a white elephant gift exchange, and then spent the rest of 
the evening looking at years worth of Christmas cards!

Since I have so many talented friends, I want to mention 
who they are and what they to make your
Christmas shopping easier. You're welcome.
Rhone: Mens workout clothes.  It's all Mr. Nielson wears...ever.
Favorite: Running Hoodie
Cotopaxi: My favorite cold weather exercise clothes.  
My favorite outdoor clothes. Ever.
Favorite: Pacaya Jacket
Roolee Boutique: darling clothes.  Some of my favorite pieces come from Roolee.
(Best news: my girls fit into Roolee now!)
Favorite: Collins dress
June & January: Cutest baby and toddler clothes.  The twirly dresses and skirts
are all Lottie wears.  Super comfy and colorful!
Chatbooks: Make your own Instagram photo books for $8.  
It's the best idea in the world. (Nielson Chatbook video)
Robert & Stella: The cutest paper goods, my favorite Christmas stickers,
and mini-cards!  These are adorable!!!
And lastly,
Latter-Day Home: great prints, art, and home goods.
Favorite: PILLOWS!

* * * * *
What we are doing:
Each of us will teach someone else in the family
something we love to do.
Then we will share what we have learned with someone else
not in our family.

Yesterday's theme: Jesus Ministered to Children and So Can You.