Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Hygge Christmas

Join me tomorrow afternoon to chat  
The Little Nies look forward to our evenings when we make a fire in the fireplace, 
light the candles, and make our home as "Hygge" as possible. 
They get in their comfiest PJs, lay on the mattresses under the colorful
Christmas tree, and watch movies.
It's really actually a dream come true.
Mr. Nielson and I join them until we can't keep our eyes open
and then crawl into our own bed leaving the Little Nies going strong.
I hate getting old, but love watching my children get older.
Watching them enjoy each other, spend time together, and watching
them become genuine friends is what 
 motherhood and family is all about.
Tonight we had Lucy and her family over dinner.
I made a big dish of homemade Mac-n-cheese and stunk up 
my whole house steaming broccoli.
After dinner, we let the children watch Home Alone in the living room
 while the four of us chatted at the dinning room table.
I am relishing in each day of our Christmas break,
and am loving having the Little Nies home.
Now we just need the snow to begin falling to make our
Hygge Christmas dreams come true.