Friday, September 02, 2016

Beautiful Bride

Yesterday my niece Olivia had a lovely gathering with friends and 
family to celebrate her wedding.
She was a gorgeous bride in a beautifully beaded gown with a long flowy veil.
Lottie was mesmerized.  
Also, I think this is where I should insert how much I love being married.
I have such wonderful happy memories on my wedding day.
After the party in the car on the way home, 
I retold several wonderful memories to the
Little Nies who begged me to keep talking.

Today I am packing up the car and headed to hell
I mean Arizona, where it will be at least 106 degrees probably at all hours.
We are going to be cheering on the BYU Cougars and my oldest brother 
Steve who is the Tight Ends coach.  
This little trip will be a wonderful break from our busy busy life.
I am also VERY excited to be reunited with 
Mr. Nielson who has been at the ranch all week.  Yay!

Happy Weekend (and Labor Day!)

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