Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The day I spent in the car.

Today I think I spent about 86% of my day in the car.  
Taking the Little Nies to school, returning school clothes, 
grocery shopping, post office, grocery store (again for something I forgot), 
Target run, Costco for gas, and then I picked up the Little Nies
 (one by one) from school, etc etc....
After running practically all throughout the Provo/Orem area,
experiencing a few melt-downs from Lottie, 
then discovering a stolen sticker book in the corner of Lottie's carseat, 
(which was returned),
I made an executive decisions to eat out.  Again. 
 (We ate out last night).
It was just what we all needed.  I think we were all pretty hangry.
I love my children.  They are sweethearts, and they get along so well.
Tonight at family prayer I prayed aloud to God thanking Him
for all we have been given.  We are lucky and a very blessed family.
I also asked God to help us be patient with Charlotte.
She is in a little phase where she screams a lot-
and wears Disney ankle socks with her sandals.