Monday, August 01, 2016

Summer on the Ranch: final day

 Our last full day at the ranch was Friday, and during the day
 Mr. Nielson took us to Albuquerque to a cattle auction.
He had been to auctions before, but the children and I had not.
Annnnd wow.
It was a little bit stinky, a little bit dirty, and a little bit loud.
The Little Nies and I were impressed with efficiency of the
 auctioneer and how quickly he moved things along.

After the auction, we walked around the cattle grounds
looking at all the different types of cows and livestock.
It was eyeopening to say the least.
We got home, ate dinner (NOT meat) with the family and
prepared ourselves for the annual Nielson family barn dance.
One of the best nights of the reunion.
 The barn doors are pulled open, the dance floor
is laid down, and a serious hoedown ensues.

Mr. Nielson and I pretty much got down and dirty
dancing to classics like; Tim, George, and Taylor (of course Taylor).

And just like that, the Nielson reunion was over.
On Saturday morning we left the 'Land of Enchantment'
and the orange dust behind us.
It was truly bittersweet.  
What a beautiful week we have had.  

The End.

And...Happy August!