Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I don't know if it's because Mr. Nielson is gone 
or because the RNC is a bummer, but I found myself taking weird photos with 
my sister Lucy last evening as the sun was setting. 
We had spent a wonderful day at the pool but as the day 
went on the our children became grumpier and grumpier.  
As she left my garage 
(with kids screaming in the car and Lottie dressed up as a mouse),
we took some quality photos together:

You know that time of day when you really want everyone 
to go to bed so you can take a shower, 
maybe pour yourself a HUGE Dr. Pepper with loads of ice, 
and watch something (anything) on TV?
I was feeling that tonight.
I bathed Lottie with Oliver explaining (in detail) about the three lego 
creations he had just made.
Lottie screamed while I scrubbed her chlorine soaked hair,
and Ollie's voice got louder so he could talk over her exhausted cries.
I felt a headache coming on and heard 
Jane in the kitchen preparing to make macaroons.
Who make macaroons at 9:30 at night?  Who makes macaroons period?
Nicholas had spent almost the entire day upstairs in his 
lego room missing almost every meal we ate, 
and now he was hungry and complaining about the lack 
of food in our refrigerater (it's true).
I overheard Claire on the phone talking to friends about plans...
did I already mention it was 9:30- at night?  
I held it together and calmly told Ollie to wait and finish his
 Lego stories until exhausted Lottie was in bed.
He waited for me in the hallway of Lottie's door while
 I covered her little sun kissed body with warm blankets.
I went back in the kitchen where I listened to the rest of the Lego stories.
I made point to look at him in his eyes while he spoke to me
so he knew I was really listening.
I helped Nicholas with a bowl (or two) of cereal promising 
I'd head to the store first thing in the morning.
Then I talked Jane into waiting to bake tomorrow and lastly,
I told Claire it was too late for friends promising
 that she could have them over for a afternoon swim tomorrow.  
Thank goodness for tomorrow!