Friday, March 25, 2016


 The girls and I dyed our Easter Eggs today after school.
I am using these colorful eggs for our table decorations for Sunday dinner.
Dinner this year will be a small group and low stress,
which will be nice.
I will be blogging about Easter Sunday in the days to come.

I love this time of year!
 I love Spring and the change of the seasons, but mostly I love Easter.
 Easter is a celebration of the promise of
eternal life through the Savior Jesus Christ.
There is no such thing as the end.
I love Him and will show Him my
love and gratitude by being obedient to His commandments,
by following the prophet, having daily scripture study and prayer.
And in doing so, He has promised me that I will feel His peace
 in my life, and I need that.  We all need that.

 Enjoy this beautiful Easter Message:

All women and girls ages eight and older are encouraged to watch
The General Women's Session, which will be held on
Saturday, March 26th 6:00 (MDT) You can get more details HERE

* * * * * *   
Beauty Rises Update: 
I am looking for women/girls who are real life heroines and 
are willing to share their stories with Beauty Rises.
 Women who are triumphing, succeeding, and conquering life while 
living with a physical limitation or
dealing with pain and trials on a daily basis.
I want to give a voice to the many true stories of women and girls who have 
overcome adversity, and found the best in themselves
 and are willing to help and inspire others to do the same. 
Fill out the survey and tell a friend! 
Survey HERE