Friday, March 04, 2016

A Spring Cowboy

Today I opened a few windows in my house.  
Ahhhhh....fresh spring air. Welcome back!
I have to admit though, that I am a little sad winter is coming to an end.
I love the snow, the cold cozy evenings, and the crackle of an evening fire.
But change is good, and I think the Little Nies are ready, so I guess I am too.
All week, Mr. Nielson has been working on the ranch in New Mexico
and will be home tomorrow.  
He has turned into a bona fide cowboy and is preparing to put his
own cattle on the ranch in the very near future.
In the past, the ranch has rented the land to
 other local cowboys and their cattle, and now Mr. Nielson is ready.
It's kind of ironic, isn't it?  A vegetarian cowboy?

Sometimes (especially at night when I am lying in bed alone) I think
about Christian working.  He's probably lifting heavy things, digging 
holes, and working the ranch machinery. 
His wranglers and boots are probably filthy, and his cowboy hat hangs
low over his face covering his eyes. 
 He's got his gloves and sunglasses on and he's thinking deeply about his work.

There is something terribly attractive about a man who 
gets dirty and works hard... don't you think?

Happy Weekend!
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