Friday, February 26, 2016

Dreaming Blind

(Christian and I smooching in the Baltic Sea)

The past few nights I have had very vivid dreams.  
I wake up confused if what I had dreamt about actually happened.  It's wild.
These dreams have been very spiritual in nature and
I believe God inspires in dreams, so I am careful to listen.

A few years ago after the accident I remember waking up feeling different.

I tried recalling the dream I had the night before, 
and while it didn't have any significance, this dream was just different.
 In this dream, I had burned skin.
This was a huge milestone because usually in my dreams I am me
 pre-accident; nice skin, healthy body, pain-free, vibrant, lighter, and smiling.
Those dreams haunted me and I'd wake up sobbing
feeling utterly disappointed and heartbroken because I was no longer that woman,
and I missed her so so much.
Last night I had dreamt about me and Mr. Nielson together walking
around downtown holding hands.
Everyone, and I mean everyone stared at us as we walked past.
Occasionally someone would comment to us about our burned skin.
 We were both so confused.
The longer we walked, the more comments we got from strangers. 
When I looked at Christian- he looked totally perfect to me, and I to him.
 We honestly didn't know what others were talking about, 
and why they kept commenting on our skin.
We couldn't see what they saw.
Looking back at that dream I understand now, Christian and I see
each other with pure love- The way God sees us.
In the dream we were totally blinded to the 
imperfections that the world acknowledges worth by.  
In eachother, we see love. We see light, we see glory, we see Christ.
Our intentions in marriage are not perfection in each other, 
it's the beautiful potential we see and hope to create together.

Happy Weekend!

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