Friday, January 22, 2016

The ideal

You know what sounds nice to me this weekend?
 (The view out my window)

Doing nothing and never leaving my house (unless it's to go out to eat).
That sounds like the ideal weekend to me.
This weekend would also include:
A cozy fire, good food, clean house, and snow.  Ideally perfect!
What are the chances?..... (actually, not too bad since I totally pulled that off
during the recent Christmas break.  I think I left my house 
maybe three times in two weeks.  It was a Christmas miracle!)
 Here's hoping!

Spiritual Enlightenment: 
I taught a lesson to the young women in church last week,
and shared a few heartbreaking experiences I had about discovering my
 identity and learning to love myself again after the accident.  
Along with my lesson, I shared this beautiful message.

Every time I watch it, I get a huge lump in my throat.  

Have a great weekend!