Wednesday, December 02, 2015

O Christmas Tree (s)!

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Since Yesterday was December 1st, Fox Hill turned into Christmas Fox Hill.
After the Little Nies came home from school we loaded everyone in the truck 
and headed to our favorite Christmas Tree stand and picked out 
4 beautiful trees.
One for the dinning room window, one for the family room window,
one for the girls room window and one for the boys room window.
It's important they are by windows.
While Mr. Nielson set up the large trees I prepared dinner,
the Little Nies were upstairs in their cozy rooms decorating
 and lighting their trees.
Meanwhile Lottie opened up all our Christmas decoration boxes in her Elsa dress.
They were laughing (and teasing) each other and singing along to
the Christmas music we had blasting throughout the house.
 I wish I could adequately describe how beautiful it was.
 I have happy special memories locked in my head and can pull them
 out and think about them when I need a pick-me-up.
I did this many times in the hospital and especially when I was drowning in 
depression and I didn't think my life would get better.
Memories like when Mr. Nielson and I got married- the day was magical!
Or when each of my children were born, they smelled soooo good!
Or memories at my families cabin.
Or at the ranch in New Mexico.
Holidays, mealtimes, hiking, Summers, snow falling in the dark sky,
and most of my childhood memories.
Today was definitely another memory saved. 
 I am excited to show how the trees turned out.