Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A cup of flour

A few weeks ago I was baking a cake for Mr. Nielson's 37th birthday.
Out my cozy kitchen window huge white snowflakes fell from the sky.
It was pretty amazing and then I noticed I was short a cup of flour.
I asked Oliver (who was wearing his padded football pants and no shirt), 
and Jane to run to our neighbors down our hill to borrow a cup of flour.
Ollie slipped on his coat and Claire's yellow Hunter boots 
and followed Jane out the door.
I watched as they ran holding each others hands down our slippery snowy slope.
They ran the whole way to the street where our sweet neighbor
met them with a little sack of flour.
With arms linked, they ran to the top of the driveway holding the flour sack.
Jane's hair was wild in the wind and Ollie's jacket open exposing his bare chest.
It made me laugh and wish my children would never ever grow up. 
* * * * *
Also: Dear Safyre!! 
I love you and wish I could put my arms around you
and hand-deliver my Christmas card to you!  We love and support you!!

* * * * *

Luke 2:1

There went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.