Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Winter girl

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It snowed for the first time this winter!
Just as I was hiking early in the mountains (even before the sun was up),
I felt a snowflake on my eyelashes and then I just about died of excitement! 
 I have been waiting for snow for weeks now!
When it was a bit lighter outside, I stopped mid-trail (which I usually never do)
to take some photos of the gorgeous mountains and clouds.
I am a winter girl through-and through.
One of the greatest joys I experience as a mother is chilling with the 
Little Nies in the living room with the fire roaring in the fireplace.
Clane prefers to be at home on the weekends.  
They would rather hang out with us here at home than
 be at a party or friend gatherings, and I am certainly not complaining!
I know this little luxury won't last forever, so I am enjoy it as much as I can.
In the near future all the Little Nies will be engaged in a social life, 
friends, school events, school dances, and sports.
I will probably love that time too- but for now, I am very content where we are.
 Lottie and her best friend Ada spent a good 45 minutes in our hot tub
yesterday evening.
After they got out, they jumped around the living room naked listening to 
Christmas music while it snowed outside.
This is a beautiful happy childhood.