Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's gonna be OK.

On our way to Arizona we stopped at a gas station to refuel the car.
Next to us was a man in a jumpsuit who was also filling his car up with gas.
This was a familiar jumpsuit that I have seen air-medics wear.
 (My parents with me in the hospital as I lay in a coma.)
Maybe it's because of the Thanksgiving season, or because I love
anyone in a jumpsuit, but I saw that man and immediately got out of the
car to tell him how thankful I was for his service.
I didn't expect to become emotional, but when I saw him my heart exploded
and I ended up hugging him and crying.
He was so sweet and kept saying:
"It's OK, it's gonna be OK".
I said to him in my tears and hugs that I had 5 babies in my car who 
still have a mom because of people like him.
I hope you will be inspired this Thanksgiving season to THANK 
someone for their service and influence in your life.

Thank you air-medic and firefighter Jordan!