Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I love us.

I took this photo of Mr. Nielson as he was 
preparing traditional Sunday dinner.
Early in our marriage we both agreed that I would cook delicious, healthy, 
nutritious meals for the family on the weekdays
(because I love to cook and serve my family in that way).
BUT on Saturdays and Sundays I'm off-
which actually is perfect since Mr. Nielson loves to cook, 
and he is really good at it too.  
He cooks vegetables like no one I know:
Beets with arugula and ricotta, mashed potatoes with garlic and heavy cream,
brussels sprouts with a balsamic vinaigrette reduction and sliced almonds, and
rosemary cauliflower with butter and parmesan.
During his prep time, I usually sit at the kitchen bar and talk to him while he
methodically cuts each vegetable.
We discuss what learned at church and who we connected with in the congregation.
I tell him what I want to accomplish for the new week, 
and projects I'd like to finish.
 We always discuss world problems, troubling times, politics, and our faith.

I love us.  Sometimes I hate when people say that,
but I seriously love us. 
 I love what we do together, what we have created together,
who we are together.  I love our traditions, memories, and connections.
He is my best friend, and I couldn't live without him- or his beet salad.