Thursday, October 08, 2015

Beautiful Divine Creatures

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, Lottie came up to 
me in her Cinderella dress and crown with a comb in her hands.
I lifted her up on the bathroom counter in front of our big mirror
and began brushing her hair.
Then I noticed the way she looked at herself in the mirror as I braided her
little orange locks.
It was the most amazing smile I've ever seen. 
She was confident, so very confident.
Her smile did something to me at that very moment.  
As I combed her hair and watched her smile at herself in the mirror,
 I began to wonder why we don't all look at ourselves in the mirror 
with huge bright smiles.
We should.  
We should be happy with what we look like and who we are
 because we are beautiful divine creatures.
Why can't we give ourselves a break once and while and confidently see us 
smiling back at us in the mirror with admiration and gratitude.
Somewhere along the way, someone told us we weren't pretty enough
and we believed it!  That is why we are silly when we have to 
look in the mirror, or when someone tries to photograph us.

Lets change our attitudes and replace them with kindness,
goodness, honesty, and strenghth for ourselves and espcially for our daughters.