Monday, June 15, 2015

6th grade Graduation

I realized I never wrote about when Jane graduated from elementary school.
It's kind of a big deal, and will mean that next year she will join Claire in middle school.
It also means that she will have class "periods"--
except she doesn't want me to call it that.  She'd rather me call it
something else, anything else because period totally embarrasses her
(for obvious reasons...duh).
Then I realized I didn't post about Claire graduating from 7th grade
 (last year) either.  Better late than never!
 I photographed the girls dancing in the traditional
 "maypole" which they preformed after the graduation ceremony.

I am so proud of my girls they are growing right up. 
They are amazing, and have such dear friends.  I am so grateful for good
influences in their little lives.
These girls are special.  I mean really really special.  
They are so good and so kind.
They are bright, and happy and they know who they are
and where they are going and most importantly, they know of
 their beautiful worth.
The photos are almost identical, just a year apart.  It's cute.
Mr. Nielson and I presented both Claire and Jane a gold watch.
Engraved on the watch is a love note with the date.
I hope they treasure it forever.
After the ceremony and the dance, Umi joined us for lunch 
honoring the girls.  
It's really been a joy to have these little girlies 15 months apart.  
They are practically twins.  Irish twins anyway.