Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey peaches!

Dear Mr. Nielson, How is the ranch? 
I bet you are in heaven- except I am not there, so it can't be heaven,
but some other really great place, but anyway, whatever, I miss you.  
Nothing to spectacular happened today that I need to report.  
I usually like to write down funny stories that happened or whatever, 
but it was a pretty normal day.
Oliver did try and convince me that he didn't have any homework.
I called his teacher who told me otherwise.  That was unfortunate for him.
Lottie spent 80% of the day naked...what else, oh, it rained a little bit too, 
and you know I LOVE that!
I was looking for photos for today's post.  I didn't take many photos today  
{on account that it was a pretty boring day}
but I did find these beautiful photos I took last week of you, 
Lottie and the peach tree in our backyard.
I love how sometimes when you eat something you really love, 
it looks like you are making out with these peaches.

I wish you could make out with me right now.
Love you,