Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republican Convention day 2

Day two here at the convention was fabulous.
Before we made our way to the convention center, Mr. Nielson and I
enjoyed dinner at the CNN grill with our friends Craig and Mary.
Every few seconds someone would come up to our table and
take a photo with Craig- who happens to be Romney brother #5.

The CNN grill is central to the convention.
Mr. Nielson and I took a few pictures at the fun photo booth.
We posted them on instagram as well as my twitter account here.

We enjoyed speeches from Condoleezza Rice and veep Paul Ryan last night.
Looking forward to listening to Mitt tonight!

Each night we've been hanging in the VIP lounge with some fellow
Olympians. Tomorrow they will say a few words on the stage.
Looking forward to that.

Lottie sporting Olympic bling