Tuesday, June 26, 2012


One of the best things about having creative children
is the fun around my house on a daily basis.
This superhero day reminded me of this day not so long ago in Arizona.
Claire was the creative director and the boys were her students.
Jane was the photographer.

I am quietly enjoying these lazy days.
Trying to let the messes go.
Trying to be more aware of my children's needs.
For example Jane was very upset she had to be the photographer and not a superhero.
Later I found out that it was becuase Claire didn't want her to be named "Ivy".
Oh, sisters.

I am looking forward to the upcoming holiday and being with family.
The Jones' will be here with us, and I am looking forward to seeing baby R-
{Lottie's suitor}.
And I am looking forward to being the Jonesons again- just like old times.