Thursday, March 22, 2012


{Nicholas poses for Claire in her "I love to photograph my brother" series.}

Today I am headed to the hospital to have my picc line cleaned and checked.
Today Mr. Nielson is taking Oliver to the dentist.
Today the children will be home from school early because of Parent Teacher Conferences.
Today I will prepare all my blog posts for my up-coming book announcements and such.
Today I will make chili and scones for dinner.
Today I will nap for 1/2 hour.
Today I will ask Mr. Nielson to rub my legs. (because I always do)
Today I will take Claine to ballet.
Today I will watch another episode of Downton Abbey (obsessed)
Today I will get some new fresh flowers for my dining room table.
Today I will fluff the pillows and vacuum lil peanuts room (again)
Today I will laugh at the photos my children take on my camera (see above)
Today I will pray again, and again, and again.
Today I will wish I would have my baby.
Today I will be grateful for today.