Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Me and my shadow.

{My pregnant shadow}

I went to Dr. JD today.
All is well and lil peanut growing strong still.
I am excited to have this little darling!
I was pretty nervous about delivery and doing all that again.
Remember having a baby hurts? Well, it totally does.
But mostly I am nervous about being in the hospital again.
For me, hospitals mean you are sick or hurt or both {in my case}.
I love my nurses and doctors who cared for me (and still do),
but being in the hospital for months in pain is the WORST!

So, thinking about going back there to deliver is drumming up some
scary feelings and memories.

The good news and what I have to keep telling myself is:

1. I am not sick. I am a woman having a baby. It will be a natural delivery
and nothing will go wrong. It wont. I am strong and capable and my Dr's. and hospital
will take care of anything should a problem happen.

2. I GET something out of this. Usually I leave the hospital with bandages,
new scars, stitches, physical therapy contraptions and /or millions of supplies
for my new wounds.
This time, I get a real life baby. A baby girl even!

3. Healing for this kind of procedure will be a breeze.
I will be back in the OR with Dr. J a few weeks after to fix
some burned stomach skin, but it wont be bad.

All in all, I am a VERY blessed woman with something incredible to look
forward too. I can't wait to share my good news with you.
{hopefully in a few weeks}

I also feel blessed that I am here in my life and not here, or here.
reading those posts makes me sad and cry a little- for joy and sadness.
Just a reminder to everyone who is struggling.
It gets better. It will! Hang in there.

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