Friday, March 02, 2012

Me and Dr. J.

{all photos by Justin Hackworth}
Another doctor's visit.
This time with my favorite Dr. J.
{Thanks to Justin Hackworth for coming to have these special visits with us.}

And look for a special video premiering soon.
Me and Dr. J explain what he has planned to fix my burned stomach post-baby.
Bikini season here I come!
Just kidding.

{I looked really scared, but I am not. Dr. J. is super nice}

{Such a handsome guy- and yes he may look like he is fresh from high school,
but I see a little salt and pepper hair}

{Dr. J. checking out my neck-"hunchie" as we call it.
He actually performed "hunchie" along with Dr. L....I love you Dr. L!!}

{I just can't help myself}

{Marissa, Dr. J's awesome assistant}

Happy weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment here.
{Why we need Prophets}